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BioGrow 365
Independent Sales Representative
BioGrow 365 is a next-generation FDA and OMRI approved liquid organic fertilizer. Eighteen years in development, this product can be used on organic or standard farms for all crops, fruits and vegetables with lower input costs and higher and healthier yields. The most successful people in our organization are currently farmers or those with a substantial farm background and are viewed as people of integrity in their community. Our science is excellent and our agronomist, Bryce Patterson, is of national and international renown.
We have excellent penetration in the state of California and in other parts of the globe including Panama, Africa, and Australia. Our organization is such that we are now prepared to move into the U.S. Midwest, and are seeking candidates with the above experience and reputation to actively sell our product on a full or part time basis in the following states: The Dakotas, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Iowa, Illinois and Indiana. We are limiting the number of representatives in each state to three and in some cases four to ensure there is a substantial opportunity for the right individuals.
To be successful you will currently be an active farmer/grower or have considerable experience in agriculture. We do not require a degree or other sales experience. Our most successful Sales Representatives are farmers who are able to communicate effectively with others in his/her community. Our Reps are able to work on a full or part-time basis.
Our Independent Sales Representatives are "1099 independent contractors" and are paid through our substantial commission structure. As a result, you are well supported through our organization but remain in control of your time, energy and sales process. Our commission structure is, to our knowledge, the highest in the industry. If this effort is of interest to you, and you are a person of integrity and possess a strong work ethic, you are invited to contact our Vice President of U.S. Sales, Scott Wilcox at the email address provided for further information.
About the Employer
BioGrow 365 is a Next Generation organic liquid fertilizer containing a highly specialized microbiology that is environmentally safe.
BioGrow 365 is made through an innovative manufacturing procedure that turns natural raw materials into an environmentally safe, natural liquid organic fertilizer resulting in healthier crops, fruit, vegetables, crops, and people.Eighteen years in development, BioGrow 365 holds the keys to increased and sustainable farm yields without any negative consequences to the environment, and is able to restore soil health. Farmers can use BioGrow 365 in conjunction with their typical synthetic fertilizer program to ensure yield performance increases and then wean themselves off of typical NPK Fertilizers and our fertilizer is generally substantially less expensive on a cost-per-acre basis.

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